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Date: November 11, 2020
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As SUA continues the process of preparing for our third quarter, it is important that all stakeholders have a chance to offer feedback on the fall COVID-19 schedule.  We realize that our COVID-19 schedule has done exactly what we built it for - safety, well-being, and academic growth.  We are also better informed about our COVID-19 protocols that assist in mitigating the spread throughout our SUA community. 

Although our unique schedule has done what we designed it to do, we are extremely mindful of some of the challenges from our schedule.  At this point in our work, we are in need of stakeholder feedback.  Here is the link to our COVID-19 schedule SURVEY. We are excited about this next phase of COVID-19 planning and look forward to what the third quarter will bring.

The spread of the coronavirus continues to rise throughout Hamilton County.  Please remember that SUA, in compliance with ODE guidelines, posts our community numbers on our website.   Here is the link to the SUA COVID-19 Dashboard.  In addition to updating our Dashboard weekly, SUA will continue to communicate with the entire community any test positives.  Individual families whose daughters are directly impacted by the positive result will receive direct correspondence about the required next steps.

During Pedestal Foods’ pause, SUA has secured a variety of grab and go food options for the girls to enjoy before school, during break, and after school.  Your daughter can use her MySchoolBucks account to purchase these items.  At this point, we are starting to notice that some MySchoolBucks accounts are running low.  Please take a look at your daughter’s account to make sure she has a balance.  If you have any issues accessing your account, or loading funding, please contact Ms. Casey Woycke.  Additionally, we have installed a few self-serve vending machines that include a variety of options like salads and sandwiches.  The vending machines accept cash, credit cards, Apple pay and Google pay. 

It is important that Lelia and I, once again, share our gratitude to our faculty, staff, and students for their determination and resilience as we lead through the coronavirus pandemic.  SUA may have a slightly different look, but it should not have a different feel.  We are a community that pursues academic excellence, honors the uniqueness of each person, and transforms women into thinkers, leaders, nurturers, and prophets committed to building a better world. We are also a community that follows Jesus’ lead to be compassionate persons committed to serving and supporting others.  

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