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Date: December 15, 2020
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During the third week of Advent, we focus on joys.  The joyful hope for the coming of Jesus.  It is also a time of joyful hope of an effective vaccination;  a vaccination that will move us into a place where we can be more engaged as a community and where we can enjoy being together, eating together, and celebrating together.  

Until that point, we must continue to do our part to keep that SUA community healthy.  With COVID-19 fatigue setting in, it is easy to let down our guard.  Now is not that time.  As your family prepares for the holiday season, a time of celebration, the pandemic calls us to create a different type of celebration.  May we all work together to make good decisions to protect one another during these times. Visit the CDC website to learn more about current guidelines and options for a safer approach to enjoying the holiday season.

If you are looking for something to get you into the holiday spirit, consider watching the Christmas Concert. Here is the link to submit a request to view.  It is a celebration of communal joy!  Additionally, do not forget to read the most recent edition of  The Light, Silver Linings.  In this article, the girls share how they have found silver linings amidst this 100-year pandemic. Both will bring joy to your heart and soul.

HVAC update

Saint Ursula Academy is thrilled to announce that we have finalized the purchase of an ionization purifier for our HVAC system.  In consultation with our HVAC experts, DeBra-Keumpel, we have mapped out a plan to ensure a complete install throughout the SUA campus.  Given our eight buildings, and several different heating/cooling systems, the process will require a little more time than usual.  In order to accomplish this, SUA has made a slight adjustment to our schedule for the week of January 4th.  Here is a link to the updated At a Glance calendar.  On the calendar, you will find NO SCHOOL on January 4, NO CLASSES on January 5 and 6 for Faculty PD, and IN-PERSON CLASSES on January 7 and 8.

Lelia and I feel so blessed to have this additional air purification system, as it will help us know, as well as in the future during the traditional cold and flu season.

Happy Holidays. Stay Well!

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