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Date: February 24, 2021
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On Monday and Tuesday, the SUA community participated in two Faith in Action days.  The opportunity to gather as a community and engage in activities that bring our faith to life is awe-inspiring.  Please take a moment to talk to your student about the experiences on Monday and Tuesday.  I think that you will find their experiences hope-filled.

Also on Monday, Dr. Powers and her team enrolled a great group of students into their COMPASS study.  Students and families will have a second opportunity to enroll in the COMPASS study at SUA from 7:15 am until 8:45 am on Thursday, February 25 in the Keller Student Center, KC04.   Here is a link to the enrollment form, along with additional details about the research project, that has been provided to SUA by Dr. Margaret Powers-Fletcher, Principal Investigator, COMPASS study.  If you and your student are interested in having her participate in this national study, please print off and sign the aforementioned registration form.  Additional copies of this registration form are available in the main school office.  Lelia and I want to express our gratitude to Dr. Powers-Fletcher for inviting SUA to participate in this study.  Participation in this United States (US) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) US National Institutes of Health (NIH) study is VOLUNTARY

The faculty and staff are certainly remaining hope-filled as we make our way to our second COVID-19 vaccination.  SUA faculty and staff are scheduled to receive their second dosage on Thursday, March 4.  Based upon the guidance from our medical experts, we understand that our adult community may have some flu-like symptoms after receiving the second dosage of the vaccination. As such, Lelia and I have determined that there will be no on-campus instruction on March 4 and 5.  Students will receive information from their teachers during their in-person classes the week of March 1 and via Schoology on March 4 and 5.

As we continue our Lenten journey, please consider participating in one of SUA’s virtual Lenten experiences: Meditation Monday, Communion Service (Tuesday and Thursday), Rosary (Wednesday), and/or Lenten Bible Study. 

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