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Class of 2022 Senior Retreat Options

Date: March 2, 2021
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Last Thursday, I met with the Class of 2022 to explain their senior retreat options. I then sent them this information:

  • Every student must participate in a senior retreat (either option A, B or C)
  • Review dates with your parents this weekend!!! (I hope that did happen.)
  • Option A- Kairos retreat
    • March 26-28, 2021                  
    • May 26-28, 2021                     
    • November 19-21, 2021                     
    • January 21-23, 2022   
  • Option B- Damascus/Abundant Life Retreat: October 13-15, 2021   
  • Option C- Senior Spiritual Encounter: This would be an independent, spiritually-focused project that your student would work on with the guidance of the Campus Minister. A proposal for this is due May 15 (students should email me directly for a google form to complete).
  • A signup genius link was sent on Tuesday evening. (Don't stress about it signing up; we will make sure we get everyone into a retreat.) When you sign up, be careful.  Once you sign up, it becomes very difficult and confusing to change your signup.  
  • Although there are limits on Options A and B, I will work with you to help you with whichever option you choose/feel most comfortable with. 

I also shared the information slides that I used during my meeting with them which have additional details. Please ask your daughter to read through those if needed! If you or your student have any questions about senior retreat options, please don't hesitate to reach out to me, Lisa Caito at

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