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COVID-19 - Screening Process

Date: August 11, 2020
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In an effort to ensure that every person on campus is fever-free and COVID-19 symptom-free, we will be adhering to a two-step screening process.  

Step 1:  Online screening assessment  

  • Every student will be sent an email from the LINQ online screening portal before the end of this week.  Students will be prompted to log in to their accounts and reset the password.
  • Once your daughter has established her LINQ account, she will be able to access the online screening portal daily through the SUA website.  A link to the online screening portal will be placed under the Quick Links/Family Resources/Coronavirus/Latest COVID-19 Information section of the school website.  
  • The online screening should be completed EVERY DAY prior to your daughter leaving for school.  When she arrives on campus, she will need to show her admittance ticket email to the adult conducting onsite temperature verification. 

Step 2: On-site temperature verifications

If your daughter arrives before 8:45 a.m., she must report to one of two locations for her temperature verification:

  • If your daughter’s grade level has a Zero Bell activity - arrive at the Gym
  • If your daughter’s grade level does not have a zero bell activity - arrive at the back entrance of the Keller Student Center building.  The front door of the Keller Center, off of East McMillan, will not be accessible to the girls in the morning.  They must use the back entrance. 

If your daughter plans to arrive after 8:45 a.m., she will be able to go directly to the door closest to her first bell class ( East door, Administrative door, or the South main door) for her temperature verification.  If she is uncertain about which door to enter, she can always enter through the back entrance of the Keller Center or the Main entrance of the Academy.

Any person without the online screening entrance ticket email OR with a temperature of 100℉ or above will not be permitted on the SUA campus.   

Lelia and I are committed to the two-tiered practice and believe that the time dedicated to these safety measures will help to mitigate the spread.

Thank you for your commitment to these practices.

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