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Date: May 4, 2021
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This May, we celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders have rich, vibrant, and diverse cultures and long, impactful histories building the fabric of our country. This past year we have seen a rise in racism and violence against the Asian and Pacific Islander community. One way to combat this is through education.

Saint Ursula's student Asian and Pacific Islander Organization (APIO) will give presentations during zero bells this week and share announcements throughout the month. Visit SUA's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion web page to learn about the student organization and past programs.

This month, across Cincinnati, events are being held to celebrate Asian food, culture, and history – furthering the conversation of what being an Asian and Pacific Islander means. We encourage you to educate yourself by attending any or all of these events and make sure that we listen to Asian voices and uplift Asian joy every day, and not just this month.

 Below is a list of related programs happening in Cincinnati this month:

Asian Food Week 2021

When: May 3 - 9

Who: Asianati and Asian American Cultural Association of Cincinnati, sponsored by P&G and the Haile Foundation.

Price: Up to $30.

About: Visit a participating restaurant and try some of the Asian culinary experiences Cincinnati has to offer. Restaurants will be offering three-course meals with prix fixe menus between $20-$30. Other restaurants may offer secret items not usually on the menu. All of it is promised to be delicious.

Black and Asian Solidarity

When: May 10 at 7 p.m.

Who: Urban Consulate Cincinnati, presented in partnership with the Asian American Cultural Association of Cincinnati (A.A.C.A.C), Afrochine, The Mercantile Library, and the Haile Foundation.

Where: Virtual event.

Price: Free, Registration Required.

About: Join Sulin Ngo (OPAWL), Angela Jo White (Debatable), Ronnie Iquina, (Asian American Cultural Association of Cincinnati & N.A.A.A.P), and Naimah Bilal, (Urban Consulate) in conversation about transracial identity, solidarity & healing. The event features a live music performance by Steven Shinji Whipple.

Early Japanese-American Settlers in Cincinnati: Beyond the WWII Incarceration Camps

When: May 12 at 6 p.m.

Who: Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati

Where: Virtual Event

Price: Free, Registration Required.

About: Join Cincinnati native Denny Kato, born to Japanese-American parents who arrived in Cincinnati after their release from a WWII incarceration camp. He will be discussing the lives of early Japanese settlers in Cincinnati and sharing his personal story of growing up in Cincinnati during a period when there were very few residents from any Asian country. Denny will be joined by Japanese-American panelists Gordon Yoshikawa and Betty (Tamura) Breyer.

 (Not) Knowing Asia: Why Stereotypes Emerge and Persist

When: May 21 at 1 p.m.

Who: Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library

Price: Free.

Where: Virtual Zoom Event

About: Presented by Professor Gergana Ivanova, interim director of Asian Studies at the University of Cincinnati. Lack of knowledge about Asia and its culture leads many people to "figure out" who Asian immigrants are on their own based on an image formed by popular culture. Generated by mass media (especially Hollywood movies), these images give rise to stereotypes that negatively affect people of Asian heritage, erase their diversity, and perpetuate misunderstanding of other cultures. Join us for a critical conversation to learn interesting facts about Asia, and how you can help eliminate stereotypes and contribute to the sense of belonging of Asian Americans in our communities.

Intro to Japanese Calligraphy

When: May 21 at 6:30 p.m.

Who: Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati

Price: J.A.S.G.C. Member: $10, Non-Member Ticket: $15.

Where: Virtual event.

About: Japanese Calligraphy is the "Art of Black and White," where the brush is the medium. The mystery is how many different styles of writing and how much feeling can be expressed via a single brush. In this Zoom class, participants will learn the basics of Japanese Calligraphy and the eight basic strokes using the brush and the Character “永.” Each brush stroke makes a unique shape, changing thickness as it is written. Join instructor Emiko Kuisel, a native of Japan, who is excited to introduce attendees to the world of Japanese Calligraphy and brush, ink, and paper. Participants are welcome to simply observe, but the class will be much more fun and rewarding if they are able to participate using authentic materials which are easy to purchase.

Origami for Kids

NOTE: The suggested age range for the workshop is 8 - 12.

When: May 28 at 4 p.m.

Who: Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati

Price: Free.

Where: Virtual event.

About: In this workshop presented by Teruko Nesbitt, children will learn how to make one or more easy origami designs using basic materials commonly found at home including paper (printer paper or newspaper) and scissors.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Closing Celebration

When: May 30 at 4 p.m.

Who: Asianati, sponsored by P&G.

Price: Free

Where: Five Points Alley

About: Music by Daybreaker Trio. Food by Mahope and Rollin' Bowls food trucks. Brought to you by Cincy Nice, AACAC, and Afrochine. Sponsored by P&G.

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