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First Week of Lent

Date: February 23, 2021
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Each Sunday during Lent, I'll be sharing different resources with our school community. Then the following Wednesday, I'll include it in the Parent Bulletin in hopes that it helps our parents explore Lent in a different way just as it may help our students, faculty, and staff!

We've only been in the Lenten season for a week now, so you may still feel really committed to your Lenten promise, which is great!  But as Lent continues, sometimes it gets more and more difficult to pray, fast and donate (almsgiving) during Lent.  Hopefully some of these resources over the next month or so will help!  And if you find anything yourself that helps, please pass it along!  

The first resource I want to share with you comes from one of my favorite websites "Busted Halo".  This is their Lenten calendar.  It's a great (short) way to pray every day!  You can only click on the current or past dates (not future dates), so save this site and keep coming back every day!  It's amazing!  

Please know that I'm praying for you in a special way during Lent!  If you need anything, please let me know!  

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