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Date: October 14, 2020
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Vision and Hearing Screenings for Freshman, Juniors and any transfer students
Vision and Hearing screenings will look a little different as most things this year do. If you would like for your student to be exempt from screenings this year. Please fill out the form called School Vision and Hearing Screening Waiver and return it to the nurse's office as soon as possible.
 School Vision and Hearing Screening Waiver

I would like to have you all take a look at the list of student physicals I have on file. The list is in alphabetical order by last name.
 Physicals on file
If you DO see your student's name on the attachment called Physicals on file; a waiver must be filled out to substitute for your student's screenings this year. Please fill out the form called School Vision and Hearing Screening Waiver and return it to the nurse's office as soon as possible. If you would like for your student to still be screened this year by the school nurse please have your student sign up for a time to be screened. Additionally, if I do not receive a waiver your student will be screened.  

If you DON'T see your student's name on the attachment called Physicals on file, please have your student SIGN UP for a time slot to have her vision and hearing screenings performed. Screenings will begin next week Monday 10/26/2020 after school from 1:00-3:00pm in the HEALTH CENTER. There are 4 days scheduled for screenings so far: (9th and transfers 10/26/20, 10/29/20, 11/2/20 and 11/5/20) (11th 10/27/20, 10/30/20, 11/3/20 and 11/6/20). You can toggle between dates at the bottom of the spreadsheet to choose the date that works best for you and your student. Screenings are set up in 5-minute increments with 4 students per time slot. Please try your best to sign up for one of these four days, there will be additional days added if needed.

Please feel free to reach out to me if this schedule does not work for you and your student. For 9th and transfer student sign-up, please click here. For 11th grade student sign-up, please click here.

We will implement COVID- 19 precautions during the screenings. Only 4 students will be permitted in the room at a time. As one student exits, the next may enter.

  • Students should remain socially distant in the health center as well as in the hall if waiting.
  • Students should not show up more than 2 minutes earlier than their scheduled time.
  • Students should wear their masks appropriately over their nose and mouth.
  • There will be hand sanitizer to use as students enter and exit the health center.
  • Equipment will be disinfected between every student's use
    This information will also be pushed out to the students via email and the student intranet.
    Please contact Wynta White, School Nurse with any questions or concerns at 513-961-3410 Ext. 141 or Thank you for your help in this important matter and during this unprecedented time. 
    Thank you,
    Wynta White, RN, School Nurse
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