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Date: August 26, 2020
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Lelia and I were overjoyed by having all of our girls back on campus last week.  Their spirit and energy are contagious.  Chris Moran, Sara Utecht, and I believe that this energy and excitement will continue as we continue through Welcome Week!  The Student Council leaders have planned a wonderfully creative and COVID-19-relevant Welcome Week.  

Mark your calendars as SUA plans to host a unique and virtual Meet the Teacher event on Thursday, September 3 at 7:00 pm.  Please look for more information in next week’s Parent Bulletin.

As we work through all of the new COVID-19 policies and practices, it is clear that SUA is not immune to the spread of the coronavirus.  On August 10, during our Covid-19 Professional Development session, our safety expert, Mr. Shawn Riley, told us it is not IF SUA will have a COVID-19 exposure and test positive, it is WHEN we the school will see an exposure or positive test!  His words were absolutely true.  SUA continues to receive information from students and families who have been exposed or have tested positive for the coronavirus.  Per Ohio law, we continue to keep student and family information confidential, but we are committed to working tirelessly to ensure a safe and supportive learning environment.

The Cincinnati Health Department has been great to work with and they, along with our COVID TEAM experts, have been extremely complimentary towards our COVID-19 policies and practices.  Additionally, their feedback has indicated that our preparedness is resulting in faculty and staff safety, along with effective mitigation of spread.  

Although we have received many positive accolades, the external experts have made it VERY clear to Lelia, Jodi, and myself that our families MUST be more open with their depth and accuracy of the provided COVID-19 information.  And, students and parents MUST follow our processes.  It is clear from recent cases, our contact tracing and in-depth researching DO result in us finding out the facts of the shed and spread!  PLEASE do your part and practice socially distancing, wear facial coverings, maintain great hand hygiene, and be open and honest with your information about COVID-19 exposure and test positive.  SUA’s ability to stay on campus for face-to-face learning is absolutely in your hands.

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