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Date: October 6, 2020
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The 2020-2021 Student Directory is going digital! In order to keep up with often rapidly changing addresses and phone numbers, we have decided to provide the Student Directory digitally. Unlike printed versions (some parts of which are already incorrect, incomplete, or outdated) that cannot be easily amended, digital copies will be more efficiently kept up-to-date! Going forward, we ask that you refer to the digital version of the 2020-2021 Student Directory, rather than a printed version. Students already access the digital version on the Student Intranet. Here is the parent link. Please bookmark it. 

Next week marks the end of the first quarter. Although we will not follow the traditional exam schedule on October 12 and 13, students will have end-of-quarter assessments within their normal class time.  As always, faculty and the ES program will work together to ensure that all students with accommodations receive them.

Sophomores and juniors will test on October 14.  Sophomores and juniors who elected not to test will use October 14 as a virtual day to catch up on school assignments.  Freshmen will enjoy a class bonding experience in the Keller Student Center.  Seniors will have the day off!

The students will not have classes on October 15 so that our faculty and staff can tend to end of quarter responsibilities.  The school will close on October 16 and 19 for fall break. Faculty and staff will participate in a Fall Retreat on October 19.  Term 2 will begin on October 20.

Flu season is upon us.  Flu and COVID-19 require us to remain diligent in wellness practices.  Please wear a mask, wash your hands often, maintain social distance, and DO NOT participate in mass gatherings.

Finally, if you change personal information throughout the year, please update your information within Final Forms. It is important that we have current parent emails and cell phone numbers in the Final Forms database.  Additionally, if your daughter has a medical issue that arises throughout the school year, use Final Forms to update her file. Medical updates can include new medications.  Of course, do not hesitate to call our nurse, Wynta White, if there is information that needs to be shared directly with her. 

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