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Second Week of Lent

Date: February 26, 2021
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In the email I sent to the students this past Sunday, I wanted to break down a few examples of easy, helpful ways to practice the three pillars of Lent (fasting, praying, and almsgiving).   

Fasting: This week, try fasting from something that's not food!  Here are some ideas from Pope Francis!  

Praying: Many of us may already have a "routine" of night before bed, in the mornings on the way to work/school, while at Mass, etc.  Whatever that may be, try to take it a step further this week!  Here's one idea that came from a student at Moeller: Each time you wash your hands, say two Hail Mary's!  That equals about 20-30 seconds; the exact time that all of us should be washing our hands anyway!

Almsgiving: As we enter more fully into Lent, this is a great time to explore how you can give back!  In the Church, we call this "almsgiving."  It can be a Lenten sacrifice that we may forget about, but it can also be a practice that truly deepens our Lenten journey.  It's super easy for you to donate this week with the March Madness for Mission Collection!  During the first bell on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week, you have the opportunity to donate!  We are asking for $5-$10 per student!  Please go back to the email Ms. Kemper sent on February 22 for details!  We are supporting 4 non-profit organizations that educate the GLOBAL GIRL (H2O To Help Others, Girl Up, Afghan Institute of Learning, and CAMFED) in honor of March being Women's History Month and March 8 being International Women's Day!

Hope these ideas give you simple ways to enhance your Lenten journey! Praying for each of you!

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